Truck Accessories to Have Installed Before Your Next Fishing Trip

If your favorite weekend activity is loading up your pickup truck and heading to the lake for some angling, it's beneficial to make the process of carrying your fishing equipment as easy and as secure as possible. Even if your truck is used for non-fishing activities during the workweek, there are a number of fishing-related accessories that are ideal to install to help you transport your gear efficiently -- and they can be left in place when you're not using the truck for fishing. Here are some accessories that are worth considering.

Rod Holders

While it's easy to lay your assorted fishing rods in the bed of the truck, doing so isn't the best way to keep them secured. They're apt to slide around during the journey and can easily become damaged due to contact with heavier, more durable items, such as your tackle boxes. There are a few different styles of rod holders to consider. One is mounted behind the cab and allows the rods to sit with their tips elevated and out of danger. Another is a vault-style holder and mounts to the ceiling of your truck's cap and keeps the rods locked -- this option is ideal if you frequently stop on the way to your fishing spot.

Bed Drawers

If you don't have a cap over the bed of your pickup truck, it's important to take steps to keep your fishing gear secure -- especially when you need to make any stops on the way. Truck bed drawers are an ideal option. Sometimes known as a bed vault or truck vault, this setup consists of a cover over the bed of the truck and a couple locked, pull-out boxes below. When the tailgate is up, the casual observer will think that the bed of your truck is empty -- but you can easily lower the tailgate, unlock the boxes and access your fishing gear.

Live Well

If you want to keep the fish that you'll be eating as fresh as possible, it's ideal to transport them in a live well. While you can do so with a portable live well, think about having one installed in your truck. These accessories can often be mounted behind the cab in the same manner as a traditional carrying box or tool storage box. They're watertight so you can fill them with water from the lake and deposit the living fish inside.

You may want to consider looking into local truck accessory suppliers, such as The Hitch House, to check out all your options. Even a traditional storage box may be useful for your frequent fishing trips.