Protecting Your Vehicle Against Rust During Wintertime

If you live in an area where inclement weather is present during the wintertime, your vehicle may be at risk for premature rusting from moisture during storms and salt used to treat roadways. Protecting your vehicle during this time will help keep it from becoming eroded, leading to unnecessary decay of metal parts. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is not put under stress from these items when snow and ice are present.

Wash Your Vehicle Often

During the winter, it becomes necessary to wash your vehicle more often than during summertime months. Washing down the entire body will remove any caked on ice and salt from the exterior. Since temperatures may be below freezing, look for an automatic vehicle washing station so the process can be done inside a building. This will keep away additional ice freeze-ups and will allow your vehicle to be dried it its entirety before you drive away.

Prepare For Storms In Advance

If you see a storm is going to hit your area, place your vehicle in a garage if possible. This will keep it warm and dry instead of being exposed to snow or ice, which can harm your vehicle along exposed metal parts. If you do not have a garage available, cover your vehicle with a tarp before the storm hits. Not only will the metal be protected, but you will be able to remove any snow or ice by simply removing the tarp instead of having to scrape windows and sweep off precipitation with a broom. This will reduce the risk of scratching during cleanup as well.

Apply An Undercoating For Protection

Vehicle undercoating sprays will help prolong the life of your vehicle's body tremendously. If you purchase a new vehicle, you have the option to have this applied before you pick up your vehicle to bring home. If you already own your own vehicle, you can have this applied at your dealership, at a body shop, through your normal auto repair shop, or at a service that specializes in undercoating procedures. The vehicle will go up on a lift and the technician will evaluate the condition of the vehicle for wear. 

If there is rust present, they will scrape off the rusted portions from the metal, treat the metal with a rust stopping agent, and add a protective coating to all exposed metal on the undercarriage of your vehicle. You can continue to wash and store your vehicle during storms, but you will also have the added protective layer to give you the peace of mind your vehicle is much less at risk for decay.