Should You Repair Or Replace Your Car Stereo?

One of the most amazing feelings in life is cruising along the highway while your stereo blasts some of your favorite tunes. That is unless the quality of your stereo is poor or it's not working at all. In such a situation, you won't know what this experience is all about.

However, you don't need to despair. There are a few things you can do to enjoy that quality stereo experience. You can decide to repair your stereo or you can just replace it. When does it make sense to go with either option?

Cost of Repair Vs. Cost of Replacement

Repairing anything usually makes a lot of sense when the cost of repairs is relatively low. However, as the cost of repairs inches close to the cost of replacing anything, it's important to ask yourself if it won't make more sense to replace the stereo. This is particularly true if you've had the stereo in your car for a while.

When the cost of repairing the stereo is greater than half the cost of replacement, getting a new stereo may be the better choice.

Do You Need an Upgrade?

Whether you're spending $50 or $150, it makes no sense to spend money repairing a low-quality stereo. Many factory stereos are of relatively low quality. For many manufacturers, these are not a primary concern.

If your car stereo isn't that good even when it's at its best, you should go ahead and replace it at the first opportunity. However, if your stereo is everything you need in a stereo, car stereo repair is a sensible investment.

How Frequent Are the Failures?

Repairing your stereo once or twice makes sense. However, any more than that and you'll need to ask yourself whether it's worth it. Your car stereo shouldn't be the reason your car keeps going back to the repair shop. If the failures are too frequent, starting with a brand-new system may be the peace of mind you need.

How Does the Stereo Look?

How often have you entered someone else's car only to think something's not quite right with the dashboard? This is a common sentiment when people have aftermarket stereo systems that don't quite match the car or stereos that have undergone years of abuse. If your stereo is looking worse for wear, it will affect the look and style of the rest of your car.

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