The Benefits of Having a Remote Starter When You Have a Baby on Board

When it's the middle of winter and your vehicle has a layer of snow on it and you have a baby or toddler to buckle into their car seat, and you have to worry about your little one being alone and cold while you brush snow off of your car... if it sounds overwhelming, it's because it can be.

It doesn't have to be so overwhelming that it feels like your life in the morning is a long run-on sentence. Fortunately, a remote starter installed in your car can help.

Safely Warm Up the Car

By using a remote starter, you'll be able to safely start the car from a distance to warm it up. There are several advantages to this. Obviously, the interior of the vehicle will be warm for your baby, which is important since babies can't regulate their body temperature adequately. Also, putting your baby in a bulky winter bunting or snowsuit and then into a car seat isn't safe because you won't be able to get the buckles to fit properly. To get from the house to the car, you'll need to temporarily cover your baby with a blanket or a coat placed on them backward without zipping or buttoning it. Once in the warm car, you will simply remove the covering or coat. 

Melt Snow & Ice from the Car

Another advantage of starting the car with a remote starter and having the defrost on is that it will help melt the snow and ice from the car. If there's just a dusting or a few inches of snow, you could simply wipe the snow away very quickly instead of spending time scraping the frozen mess away. This is particularly beneficial for people who don't have anyone else in the home to temporarily watch their baby while they go outside and remove snow and ice from the car. 

Defrost the Rear Window 

Another advantage of having a remote starter is that the rear window can be defrosted as well. You'll be able to control the read window defrost functionality from the comfort of your home so the back window is cleared and ready for you to back the car out of your driveway or parking spot. Not all remote starters have this feature, so be sure to select one that does have it, especially if you back out of your driveway. 

For more information, or for assistance, you can contact a company such as Auto Trim Group, Inc.